Music For All Seasons


Designed in a blend of Georgian and Queen Anne styles,the Peterloon mansion’s expansive living room provides a perfect venue for the concerts of Music for All Seasons.

The house was designed by William Adams Delano, of Delano & Aldrich, the leading country-house architectural firm in the United States at the time. Originally sited on 1,200 wooded acres in Indian Hill, the house and its surrounding gardens and buildings were built in 1928 to rival the grandest country estates of America and Europe. The house has 36 rooms, 19 fireplaces, 21 baths, and includes a wing of guest rooms. In 1979, the Emery family created the Peterloon Foundation. Since then, it has been the Foundation’s mission to maintain Peterloon for the benefit, education and enjoyment of the greater Cincinnati community.

Front View of Peterloon Mansion Pianist in song.
Front door of Peterloon
Indoor Seating in Peterloon's living room welcome